Housing Grants For Single Mothers – How The Section 8 Program Works

Housing grants for single mothers while available are not easy to get. It really depends on your needs and your current situation. Actually, the federal government doesn’t offer grants specifically for single mothers. They do however offer grants for everyone who qualifies. The economy and unemployment signals a major downturn when it comes to home buying.

For many single moms, buying a home right now, just isn’t an option. Many look for other ways to get a home even if it means renting instead of buying. If you’ve been considering renting instead of buying. It doesn’t mean you’re making a bad decision. Not everyone should buy a home. Too many single moms make the choice to buy believing it’s better to do so. Unfortunately, far too many end up “house poor” barely getting by.

The reason housing grants for single mothers exist, is to help you find a safe, well maintained home you can call home. That’s the mission of the Section 8 program created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD for short. You see as much as the government would like every American citizen to own their own home. It simply isn’t possible. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the opportunity to live in a beautiful home even if you don’t actually own it. That’s where the Section 8 program comes in.

What Section 8 Does

This program allows anyone who qualifies a chance to live in a single family home or apartment they might not otherwise be able to afford on their own. This program is probably one of the most popular among those looking for housing grants for single mothers.

How Do You Qualify?

Before you can begin looking for your new home in the program. You’ll need to be accepted. The Section 8 housing grants for single mothers is based on your income. If you meet the income requirements you will be eligible to take part in the voucher program. This means, the program will pay a portion of your rent. The actual amount depends on the rent amount itself and your income.

Housing Grants For Single Mothers Property Availability

The Department of Housing & Urban Development or HUD administers the Section 8 program. It should be noted that Section 8 housing is not the same as multiple unit public housing developments found in most large and mid size cities.

Section 8 housing grants for single mothers are homes owned by private citizens who opt to join the program as landlords. Many homeowners who decide to become a part of the Section 8 program, do so for different reasons. The most common reason is the availability of potential tenants is huge. This eliminates having to spend a lot of time and money looking for tenants. Another advantage is the home owner knows they will get paid every month by the government.

It’s good for you as a single mom to understand how the process works. This way you’ll know what to look for when you look for a place to rent.

When a property owner wishes to become a Section 8 landlord, they simply apply to their local housing development office. They can apply for single family homes or apartment complexes they own. The Section 8 program will interview each applicant and if approved, schedule an inspection of the home in question. All properties accepted into the housing grants for single mothers programs must go through this process. No exceptions.

The inspection will include safety checks, making sure the home has appropriate locks on doors and windows. The home should pass all safety codes. Plumbing and ventilation must be up to par. The building itself must be of sound construction. There is an extensive list, but this is just to give you a general idea. It should be clean and well maintained. If the home passes inspection, the owner is free to advertise for Section 8 tenants. Now here’s where you enter the picture.

Responsibilities of a Section 8 Tenant

Once approved you can begin searching for Section 8 approved housing. The rent must coincide with the average rents in the area. In other words, if the house in question is a 3 bedroom single family home. The rent cannot exceed the average rent other homes of the same approximate size are renting for.

You are responsible for finding your own approved housing. You are also solely responsible for the lease you sign with the landlord. The same way you would outside of this program. The landlord does not have to approve you as a tenant just because you are in the Section 8 program. Housing grants for single mothers in this program are really vouchers paid directly to the the landlord.

Your contribution, must be paid by you every month on the date agreed upon in your lease. Failure to do so could mean getting evicted and possibly removed from the Section 8 program. Any landlord tenant disputes would be a civil matter. Unless, you have an issue with the maintenance or your safety while living there. You can contact the Section 8 program to make a formal complaint.

The Drawbacks Of The Section 8 Program

Like anything else, there are always pros and cons to any situation. While the program offers housing grants for single mothers and their children the opportunity to live in a safe well maintained environment. It’s not all perfect.

Many Section 8 landlords can be over protective of their properties. Assuming that every potential tenant is going to be a problem because they’re low income. Of course that’s not true. But unfortunately it is a myth that prevails. Yes bad tenants can end up ruining a home. But really, these kind of tenants would be a problem if they were in a program like Section 8 or not. Still you may have to do a little convincing to help the landlord feel at ease.

Another problem is with the Section 8 program itself. The problem. Way too many applicants and not nearly enough housing available. It’s worse in larger cities. Applicants can end up waiting several months and even years to get housing. The exception is made for those in dire need of housing. If you live in a smaller city, you’ll have a much better chance at finding Section 8 housing.

Housing grants for single mothers can give you and your children a chance to enjoy life in a better environment. Even though you don’t own it. It’s still a place you can call home.