Grants for Single Mothers

Whatever You Want To Do There’s Probably A Grant Application For That Too!

Yes there are plenty of grants for single mothers to apply for college tuition , housing assistance even small grants to help get a business started. Hey, many million dollar ideas got started right at the kitchen table! With the economy limping along and unemployment breaking records. Rarely do we hear about the positive programs that are available via the federal government. There are billions of dollars in grant money set aside to help anyone who qualifies to go back to school and get a degree.

Grants for single mothers exist beyond just government grants. But starting with the U.S. government is the easiest way to get money for college. If you’re a single mom struggling to get by, it doesn’t mean you have to keep struggling. One way to go from where you are, to a new future is by getting a higher education. There are free grants to attend college. The Pell Grant will pay up to $5,500 a year to cover the cost of tuition. Now to be eligible for this and any other federal education grants for single mothers.  You must meet the eligibility requirements. How much or how little you receive will be based on your current household income.

How To Start The Process

You must either be enrolled or accepted into a vocational, community college or university. Pick up a Free Application For Federal Student Aid  aka FAFSA. You can’t apply for any government educational financial aid until you fill this from out first. This application will be used to determine your eligibility for a Pell Grant and other needs based education grants. The financial aid staff will be well versed in the application requirements and procedure. If you have questions regarding the program a grant award. Feel free to ask.

The following is information you would need to apply for most federal grants for single mothers. It’s not a guarantee you will be accepted. But to increase your chances of getting approved make sure you supply every piece of documentation called for on the application. If you are unsure about a question asked or a document required. Simply ask for assistance at your school’s financial aid office.

Eligibility Requirements

•  Must have a high school diploma or GED
•  All federal grants for single mothers and others who apply must have financial need
•  Be a U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen
•  Have a legal and valid social security number
•  If applicable registered with the Selective Service
•  If you’re already enrolled in school you should have a satisfactory GPA
•  Cannot be in default on a federal student loan
•  Must certify that all funds received will be used for education expenses only

If You’ve Been Convicted Of A Crime

If you were ever convicted of selling drugs while receiving federal grant money, you can be denied assistance. That may be an obvious assumption by most. But if you were convicted that doesn’t mean you can’t get a grant.

How To Get Reinstated

Practically all grants for single mothers can be reinstated if you should lose yours due to a drug conviction. If you pass 2 unannounced drug tests that will be administered by a government approved drug rehab center. You could have your grant fully returned to you. There are other specific crimes that will make you ineligible period. You can check with the financial aid office for more details or call the Pell Grant program directly.

Ready To Become An Entrepreneur?

Now, if you’re goal is to take that education courtesy of the U.S. government and start your own business. Especially if it deals in technology. The Small Business Administration is worth checking out. Are you looking for small business grants for single mothers?

High Tech Savvy?

If you’ve got a knack for high tech and have a business idea, the federal government wants to help you grow your business. Of all the grants for single mothers available, this one could help you launch a million dollar idea! Before any company can become successful, an extensive amount of research and development needs to be conducted. Not only is it time consuming but it’s also extremely expensive. The Small Business Innovative Research Program is designed to help tech based companies expand.

It is through this program, that the federal government encourages small businesses with technological advanced products or services to do research and development. A small business that is given this kind of grant must also have an idea that has great commercial potential. If you are a single mom with an idea that just needs some support. The SBIR program may just be what you’re looking for to get you started. The actual award is via the Small Business Administration (SBA). This agency determines who gets awarded the research and development grant.

Applying Via The SBA

Applying for a grant of this nature can be time consuming and very complex. The best step to take if you feel your business idea meets the requirements is to contact the SBA directly. Ask questions regarding documentation required.  Make sure you get a clear understanding of what is required on your part before you make the decision to apply. Although you have to literally jump through a lot of hoops. These kinds of grants for single mothers could turn out to be both financially and personally rewarding. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you on an episode of “Shark Tank” pitching your multi-million dollar idea!

Next Step Get Started

You’re obviously thinking about the possibilities and what your life could become with a higher education and maybe your own business. The thing is, until you take the first step you’ll never know. If the idea of moving forward scares you a little bit. Guess what? That’s normal. It’s perfectly normal to be afraid of the unknown. But you can’t let your fear get the best of you. You’ve got to believe in yourself and move forward with your life. All of the numerous grants for single mothers in the world won’t mean a thing if you don’t go for it.

So gather up your paperwork. Start looking for schools you want to attend. Decide what you want to study. Or contact the SBA about the research and development grant mentioned earlier. Hundreds of thousands of single moms just like you, have gone back to school in spite of those who doubted them. They took advantage of those grants for single mothers. They now walk around proud of what they’ve achieved. They are the one their children look up to. They are the example to be followed. Will you be next?

If you are looking for grants for single mothers, you may want to start with an online search. By searching online, you will find that many different agencies provide scholarships and grants that are in low income situations. There is a threshold which has been put in place to receive grants, however it depends on how large, or small your household size is. It is understood that individuals may be in need of various services; this is why these grants are not simply money given for general purposes. There are grants which will assist you with paying your rent, going to school and even paying for housing. In order to receive these grants, you will need to meet all of the eligibility requirements. These requirements vary from having to write essays to being a certain race. No, there are no grants for single mothers who look upon any ethnicity differently but certain agencies simply have grants available to whomever they feel may benefit from them.

Emergency Assistance Grants for Single Mothers

Paying rent on time can be a bit difficult when raising a child alone. This is why being able to receive rental assistance is one of the most important grants available. In order to receive rental assistance, you are able to go to a Salvation Army office or your local human resource department for help. These are considered small grants, but they help out at a time when it is terribly needed. Other grants for single mothers are utility grants. If you qualify for a utility grant, your energy bill will be paid, or a portion of it depending on your needs. Utility grants and rental assistance are considered emergency grants. They are usually small or limited amounts given to cover a situation which may have a negative impact if it is not taken care of. In addition to these grants which are given in emergency situations, grants for single mothers which are a bit more substantial are: Housing Grants, Educational Grants, Childcare Grants, Food Grants and Medical Grants.

Housing and Educational Grants for Single Mothers

You can apply for housing grants through Houses for Humanity, federal Housing for Urban Development (HUD), as well as your local housing authority agency. Being able to get on a housing waiting list will help improve your chances of getting an available unit, sooner rather than later. It is advised to get on these lists just in case your number is ever called, you will get nice safe housing at a fraction of the market rent.

Educational grants can come in many different amounts. There are grants for single mothers which can pay for a full four years of tuition, yet they can also be just enough for books. If you are looking to go back to school, you may be eligible for a Pell Grant from the federal government. This grant in addition to any other educational grants you may receive from your state will most likely be enough to pay for your tuition. If you don’t receive enough for the school you wish to attend, you can always apply for student loans. There are guaranteed student loans for prospective college students which do not have to be repaid until after you graduate unless you decide to end your education before graduation.

Medical, Food, and Childcare Grants for Single Mothers

Grants which help pay for childcare, food, and medical care can be applied for at your local Department of Human Services office. Many people would frown upon receiving this help until recent years when more people notice a need for these services. These services do require a particular income level, so check with your local office if you need any of them. If you should need assistance to help with your child, your local human resource will help and even direct you to other services you may need. Some states have a limited amount of time to receive grants for single mothers, so ask for more information. It may all seem a bit much right now as a single mother, however once you begin to receive help and see above the water, your days will get a lot brighter.