Government Aid for Single Mothers

There is government aid for single mothers to make sure you and your children receive nutritional food on a regular basis. Especially for children, research has proven time and time again. Children who do not eat nutritionally balanced regular meals every day, develop learning problems, have a difficult time focusing on school work and may also develop physical problems as well.

The problems associated with poor nutrition is common in lower income populations. Mainly because access to quality food is limited. Government aid for single mothers living in impoverished areas is often the only way she or her child can have any chance of getting proper nutrition. Unfortunately, in low income areas it’s cheaper to buy unhealthy fast food than it is fresh vegetables and fruits.

The Food & Nutrition Service, a division of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has several government aid programs to help level the playing field so to speak.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

This program is responsible for providing food for more than 46 million Americans. This program has become a virtual lifeline for single moms and their children. SNAP provides a specific dollar amount called an allotment to an approved applicant. This amount is based on the income and asset level of the applicant’s household. Since most government aid for single mothers is based on financial need, be sure you have the proper documentation before you apply.

Generally, you are allowed no more than $2,000 in assets such as a bank savings account. If you own your home or collect social security. Those are not counted towards your assets. The eligibility requirements can be pretty involved. You should visit your local SNAP office and speak with a representative. They will provide you will all of the necessary paperwork to begin the process.

Once approved food assistance in the form of an EBT or Electronic Benefit Transfer card is automatically loaded and reloaded each month. The amount varies from one individual to the next. If you are accepted into this program, your EBT will only allow you to purchase food and nothing else. This government aid for single mothers increases the likely hood a child will never go hungry and can have a better chance of succeeding early in life. A nutritionally balanced diet is a major step toward raising well adjusted and mentally strong young minds.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

The WIC program is one form of government aid for single mothers that has survived the test of time. Over 8 million single mothers with children up to age 5 are provided with free food supplements, nutrition education, breast feeding information and other help for pregnant low income moms. To be eligible for this program, you must meet income eligibility requirements. For example, a family household of 1 must not have a yearly income that exceeds $20,174. Another example, if your family consists of you and two children. Then your yearly income cannot exceed $34,281.

If accepted into the WIC program you will receive an EBT card that will be loaded with a specific amount based on your income each month. You can then use your card at participating stores in your neighborhood to purchase nutritious foods. Including foods like cereal for you and your child. Eggs, milk, whole grains, baby food, fruits and vegetables. The WIC government aid for single mothers has one goal in mind. To make sure you and your children are getting nutritionally balanced food important to your child’s physical and mental growth. Also to make sure you, especially if pregnant are getting all the nutrients to stay healthy.

WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)

This program allows single mothers to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits from local Farmer’s Markets in their city. So many low income neighborhoods lack supermarkets with quality produce. Being able to get fresh healthy foods from Farmer’s Market’s is a welcomed resource of food alternatives for struggling single mothers.

Government Aid For Single Mothers Facing A Natural Disaster

It can and does happen in every part of the U.S. Whether it’s wild fires out of control on the west coast. An early tornado season in the mid west. Or a hurricane battering the east coast. One things for sure, there will be hundreds and sometimes thousands of people in need of shelter and food. It’s devastating.

The U.S. government already has a disaster relief plan ready to help. Government aid for single mothers and seniors is their first priority. The welfare of their children is a major concern as well. The Food & Nutrition Service offers help to single mothers and others who find themselves homeless and without food after a natural disaster. In this case emergency SNAP benefits are issued. Even if you would not normally qualify due to your income level exceeding the maximum allowed. If an area is declared a disaster area by the President of the United States. You can be issued SNAP benefits.

To be eligible once a disaster is declare you must also have experienced damage to your home, or due to the disaster you are unemployed or unable to access banks accounts. Once confirmed, emergency allotment for food will be granted to you. Should you find yourself in a disaster situation, once you and your children are safe. You can ask any state or local official on the procedure to obtain SNAP emergency benefits. In most cases however, once an area is declared a disaster area officially, you will be informed of all the government aid for single mothers and everyone in need of services.

Also, in the interim while waiting for a disaster declaration. The FNS will distribute food to shelters and other temporary housing facilities. SNAP benefits are not needed at this stage and everyone will be provided for.

We’ve covered some key government aid for single mothers specifically to provide the necessary food and nutrition essential to healthy young minds. Plus food for mothers to stay healthy as well. If you or someone you know is in need of any of the services discussed here. Please share this website with them, so that they can get the help they need as soon as possible.

Learn more about SNAP and WIC eligibility requirements at

For single mothers who have had the share of struggles in supporting and raising their children, there is government aid for single mothers that will give opportunity to single mothers in providing a better life for their children. Government aid for single mothers varies from financial support, basic needs, housing, medical insurance, food stamps, loans and educational grants. Aids extended by the government can be accessed locally on every state. Usually, the Department of Human Services is the one that provides information and support for every inquiry there is on what type of aid can be given to a family.

There are instances where in single mothers are having difficulties sustaining the needs of their children due to lack of sufficient funds. In light to these problems, there is government aid for single mothers that will help in sustain the basic needs of a family. Some examples of government aids are:

Various Types of Government Aid for Single Mothers

•   Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF) which is offered to low income families with dependent children – families are provided with food and financial assistance plan;

•   Medical Coverage through Department of Human Services – this is a program where in government ensures that parents will enroll their children for medical entitlement programs;

•   Food stamps are also available under Department of Human Services which covers free meals at school for children;

•   Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program which provides financial aid for home electricity payments which are about to be cut off;

•   Lower rents for units and apartments owned by Department of Housing and Urban Development;

•   Section 8 Housing where in the lessee family come in agreement with the landlord that a share of the rent will be paid by the Department of Housing and Urban Development while the other share will be paid by the family.

Other common aids extended by the government are educational grants. Educational grants allow single mothers to continue and pursue post secondary education. That way one can find a better job that will support the needs of her children. Government aid for single mothers, especially educational grants will also provide self-fulfillment to mothers. Some types of educational government aid for single mothers are as follows:

•   Federal Pell Grant which provides a free expense schooling with maximum of $5,500 budget;

•   Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity is also free educational grant that is extended to single mothers with low expected family contributions – it covers expenses minimum of $100 – $4000 per year;

•   Federal Work-Study enables a single mother to work either part time or full time in order to pay for educational expenses, Federal Perkins Loans provides a low interest of only 5% for single mother students who are in dire financial need;

•   Aid and support coming directly from US Department of Health and Human Services.

Government aid for single mothers is one way saving and helping single mothers get by when facing a financial crisis. It is important for single parents to take part and take advantage of these certain government aids to not negatively compromise their children’s needs and their owns.