Financial Help for Single Mothers

In Need of a Place to Call Home?

Financial help for single mothers is within reach for those willing to put in the work required. Yes it may take time, effort and a lot of patience. If you are in a situation where you need to find shelter quickly. Dial 211 and ask for information on emergency housing services. If that is not an option for you, start looking online for social services agencies as well as non profits that may be willing to help. If on the other hand you can take your time to look and plan for potential opportunities, here are a few worth looking into.

Habitat For Humanity

So how good are you with a hammer? Habitat For Humanity builds brand new homes for those in dire financial need. Who could otherwise not be able to afford having a home built on their own. This is the kind of financial help for single mothers that requires that you participate in the actual building of your home. That’s pretty awesome. You’ll be able to say you helped build your own home.

Although the program is available in all 50 states, each state may differ from one to the other. Some Habitat For Humanity programs will require you to devote a certain number of hours in the building of your home. Other may not require any set number of hours. In every case however you must meet specific eligibility requirements. This is not a “free home.” You will be given a mortgage at payments you can afford to pay, with 0% interest. No that’s not a misprint. They also offer financial counseling.

Eligibility Criteria

Good credit score
Financial help for single mothers for this program is based on your income.
Some branches may require you to volunteer at one of their local offices.

This is a great way for single moms like yourself to show the world you’ve got what it takes. You have the motivation to work hard, take care of your children and you’re ready for responsibility of home ownership. Take advantage of financial help for single mothers, that’s why the money is there to help you.

What If You’re Not Ready To Buy A Home Yet?

There’s help available for you too. Not every single mom is ready for the financial responsibilities of home ownership. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the financial help for single mothers that is available for renters.

Housing Choice Vouchers

This program was created by the U.S. government to help low income single moms and their children to find safe housing in the neighborhood of their choice. This program does not require you to live in government owned housing. You can choose to rent a single family home, an apartment or townhouse. As long as the owner of the property agrees to take part in the program and can meet the requirements set forth by HUD. The property you choose, if all requirements are met, your local Public Housing Authority agency will pay a certain percentage of the rent. You will be responsible for the balance each month.

This financial help for single mothers program has specific eligibility requirements.

You must meet income criteria. Your local PHA office can give you all the information needed regarding income eligibility.
 You will need to submit employment information and bank account statements.

If there is a drawback to the Housing Choice Vouchers program is the potentially long waiting list. The demand for housing is huge. The actual wait varies from one city to the next. However, it is common for local PHA offices to show preference to those in the most need. For example, a single mom with no place to go with her children are more likely to be placed near the top of the list. Once you are approved into the Housing Choice Vouchers program, you will find a new home, sign a lease and move in. Just like any other rental situation, you will be expected to pay your part of the rent on time. The remainder will be paid by your local PHA.

H.O.P.E – Helping Other People be Empowered

Financial help for single mothers is also available from local charities. Going this route may take a lot time sorting through who’s who and eligibility requirements. You can begin your search online. Search specifically for charities known for assisting single moms. Then call each one and find out what steps you’ll need to take. Make sure you’re clear on any deadlines and find out exactly the documentation you’ll need to submit. You may be surprised at how generous small non profits can be. A great example is H.O.P.E in Atlanta, GA.

The organization’s founder Kenita Pierce-Lewis knows what it’s like to be a single parent. That plus the fact she was going to college to get her Bachelor’s & a Master’s degrees in Business Administration. If you’re a single mom trying to get a higher education but do not qualify for government help. There’s H.O.P.E. If accepted, they will provide rent vouchers for all or part of the total monthly rent. Plus they also provide financial help for single mothers in the form of vouchers to pay for child care service while you are going to college. You do not have to live in Atlanta to qualify.

H.O.P.E. provides assistance to those who meet the qualification criteria.

Must be a high school graduate or have your GED
Must be a single mom
Must be employed either full or part time for at least 6 months
Be a U.S. citizen
Must be a full time student in an accredited 2 or 4 year university
  Must maintain at least a B average
 Must show financial need

You can get more details and download an application at their website

You see there’s financial help for single mothers in more places than you ever realized. You simply have to be willing to look. Be willing to put in some time and effort.  Be willing not to take no for answer. It’s not just your dream. Remember those little sparkling eyes that greet you each and every morning? It’s their dream too.

As a mom raising their children alone there are times when you probably wonder how you’ll make it and thankfully, there are financial help for single mothers that are available through the federal and state government.  For yourself, you have bills, living expenses and necessities which are important not to mention the wants and needs of the children.  This is why financial help for single mothers has such a large impact on yours and other single parents’ lives.  Any help which comes to a single mother for the most part can be put to use unless of course you’re one of the lucky ones.  Even if you are lucky enough to have a great job, chances are you will still be willing to accept financial assistance.

This is because financial assistance for single mothers is a necessity to ensure that children are taken care of properly.  This is not to say that mothers are not sufficient only that getting a bit of help can make things all the better. As with all assistance, there are income threshold, to be sure that mothers who needs this assistance the most will receive it.

Programs which offer financial help for single mothers vary from state to state though there are some federal programs out there as well.  If you are a U.S. resident, then you are eligible for grants from the federal government as long as you fall below the federal poverty guidelines.

Financial Help for Single Mothers that are offered by the Federal Government:

•   Rental Assistance
•   Transportation Assistance
•   Low Interest Home Loans
•   Cash Assistance
•   Utility Assistance
•   Domestic Abuse Assistance
•   Plus Loans
•   Guaranteed Student Loans
•   Pell Grants

In order to receive rental assistance, you must have proof that your rent is behind at least a month.  You must also prove that you will be able to pay your rent once assistance is given.  So before going to apply, be sure to have a pay stub or some sort of proof of income except state assisted income. This will help speed the process, unfortunately you can’t use state assisted income as proof of income for this program, as it needs to be in the form of a pay stub.

Transportation assistance is another program which is done at the federal level.  Though one wouldn’t consider it as much as, financial help for single mothers in any form is well worth it. To get these funds there must be proof that you’re going to work or school and don’t have enough income to meet your transportation costs.  Many programs will only supply this once, however others will give financial help for single mothers on an ongoing basis but they will be checking in on you. This holds true for several government programs which give financial help for single mothers.  You’re probably saying that you don’t want anyone knowing your business and many women feel the same way, however they need the financial assistance so complete cooperation will be required in or to pass eligibility.