Financial Aid For Single Mothers

What Kinds Of Programs Are Available And How To Apply?

The available amount of financial aid for single mothers across the country varies depending on where you live and your current level of financial need.  Yet millions of available funds go unused every year. It’s not that there aren’t enough single moms in need of financial assistance. It’s more that they are either unaware these programs exist. Or, they don’t know how to apply. There are assistance programs to help you and other single moms with housing in emergency situations. Food for you and your children. Job hunting assistance and financial help to pay tuition for college. So we’ve put together a quick guide that will give you a brief overview of the most common and for the most part, easiest financial aid for single mothers to qualify. Let’s take each one by one.

Emergency Housing Assistance

If you find yourself in need of housing for you and your child, time is of the essence. You don’t have time to wait for paperwork to clear. But unfortunately, paperwork and agency can move at the speed of … slow! The moment you think you’ll need to find housing, is the moment you need to begin actively searching for all the financial aid for single mothers you can find. Even if you feel you’ll have plenty of time to do so. Don’t take the chance of waiting until it’s too late.

Research local resources that provide financial assistance for housing.  Practically every city has both public and privately run organizations ready to help you when the time comes. Some will provide you with a financial voucher to use to find temporary housing. Federal based programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF can provide temporary housing for up to 5 years if you qualify. Privately run organizations like Vision House located in Washington State, provides temporary housing and some financial aid for single mothers to help them get back on their feet. Search for organizations like Vision House in your city and get the information on eligibility requirements. You can also try 211 for assistance. This can be hit or miss depending on where you live, but it’s worth a try.

Food For Single Moms And Their Children

There are programs that were created to help keep you and your children healthy. Financial aid for single mothers in need of regular meals of nutritious food is vital. If you are financially unable to feed your family. You can apply for the  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program also known as SNAP. This program was once known simply as the food stamp program. At some point, a stigma was attached to “being on food stamps” or “welfare” as it is still often referred today. So it was renamed to try and remove the negative shadow. SNAP also utilizes EBT or electronic benefits card. Once you are accepted into the SNAP program, the financial aid amount is electronically loaded on to your card each month.

You can then use it at your local grocery store similar to using a debit card to purchase groceries for you and your children. SNAP is not meant to be a lifelong form of assistance. It is meant to help and provide financial aid for single mothers and others who qualify, the ability to buy much needed groceries while working towards self sufficiency. If you need food assistance, don’t be concerned with any ridiculous “social stigma”. You and your children deserve the chance to eat healthy nutritious food just like anyone else. Apply for this program if you need this kind of help. It can take time to become approved. However some states have temporary emergency assistance until you are fully approved.

Career Assistance

In 2011, Goodwill and the Walmart Foundation joined forces to create the Beyond Jobs Program. Currently operating in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit and Boston. This program helps single moms prepare themselves for new careers, maintain current employment and prepare for advancement in their current jobs. This includes resume writing, interview skills, workplace leadership etc…

This program offers long term planning that also includes teaching single moms how to create budgets and plan for their financial future. The Walmart Foundation donated over $2 million dollars to fund the Beyond Jobs program. It is offer free of charge. Contact Goodwill, about this program if you live in or near the mentioned cities. If you do not live in any of the cities mentioned can contact your local Goodwill anyway. They can provide you with a lot of information specifically for financial aid for single mothers.

College Tuition

If the cost of tuition has kept you from pursuing a higher education. It doesn’t have to be the case. The federal government has money for those who meet specific criteria to enroll in the college or university of their choice. Although this assistance is not just for single moms with kids, the current Administration has publicly stressed the vital importance of single moms going back to school. With the single mom jobless rate at just over 12 percent, obtaining a degree is necessary if you want to increase your financial status and provide for your children long term. To help you out with tuition, you can apply for a Pell Grant. This is a financial award that is based solely on financial need. If you meet certain criteria you can be awarded up to $5,500 a year towards tuition. In addition to the Pell Grant you may also be eligible for other financial aid for single mothers.

Many colleges and universities have their own programs you may also be eligible to apply and receive money to offset the cost of tuition, fees, books and even housing allowances. There are some colleges that recognize that single mothers have limited resources and may also offer daycare and other financial aid for single mothers. Other institutions may offer off campus housing specifically for students with young children. We’ve given you a variety of option to consider. It ‘s tough to even begin to think about finding a place to live, enrolling in college, finding a job and worrying about feeding your children. All at the same time. But the reality is, you have to. You’re not just responsible for yourself. You’ve got a child to think about.

Utilize the organizations we’ve mentioned to help you, help yourself. There are so many organizations willing to offer financial aid for single mothers, now is the time to step up and claim your share.

Financial aid for single mothers has become a source of hope for women who used to consider their situation as almost hopeless and desperate.  While it used to be that single mothers did not have a choice but to go back to their parents and leave their children there while they have to juggle two to three jobs, nowadays, there are more options for them to choose from.  Whether they opt to finish their schooling or begin their own business, there are a number of financial solutions specifically available for single moms.

Are You Looking For Financial Aid For Single Mothers ?

There are several forms of financial aid for single mothers such as loans for women who have children but would like to go back to school to earn a diploma.  This kind of aid, as it is a loan, must be paid.  On the other hand, there are private venture capitalists that looks specifically for single mothers who want to start their own business, give them money in exchange for getting part ownership or shares in the newly formed business and there are grants given to single moms for low income families.  As grants are usually competitive in nature, women who want to take advantage of them must show determination and a concrete plan.  What is beneficial about grants though is that they do not need to be repaid.

With the advent of the information age, finding financial aid for single mothers has been made more convenient.  Single mothers’ financial aid opportunities can be easily accessed online, and all interested women have to do is an extensive search on the internet.  Single mothers can go to websites that specifically cater to them, as well as from government websites that offer financial aid for marginalized sectors of society.  government grants for single mothers are available in the state and federal level, and a lot of updated information is available in government websites.

Parties interested in financial aid for single mothers should be aware though, that there are a number of scams being carried out in awarding them.  In order to avoid being scammed, women who are interested in financial aid should avoid any program that asks for money upfront as early as the application process.  Any private institution giving these grants or loans should be carefully researched.  If it is possible, the interested single mom should visit the offices of this aid or loan institution, especially if it is privately-owned.  There are also a number of forums that make people aware of financial aid for single mothers that are scams.  It would be rewarding for interested single moms to read these forums so that they can avoid being victimized.

When applying for private or government-sponsored financial aid for single mothers, a huge percentage of being approved rests on a good application.  The applicant must make sure that she has all the documents needed and understands and follows all the instructions in the application forms.  Any applications of financial aid that requires repayment, the process can still be competitive and limited depending on the resources available, so it is essential for applicants to make a persuasive impression.