Business Grants for Single Mothers

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Business grants for single mothers can most often be found from private organizations. If you’re looking for the federal government to fund your small business. It’s not going to happen. At least not in the way some websites claim it will.

See the U.S. government has business grants for single mothers and anyone else starting a business of their own. But these grants are awarded for science and technology businesses to conduct profitability research. In other words, unless you can guarantee your product has the potential to be a multi-million dollar idea. You won’t be getting a grant from Uncle Sam. The government is looking for profitable “business partners” so to speak.

So where can you get a business grant? Many city programs across the country offer small business grants for single mothers and anyone else running a small business. Often these grants are given as an incentive to promote and market their businesses. The point of doing so is to get more customers shopping and spending money within a specific area.

The city has a vested interest in making these grants. If the businesses are successful in bringing in more business. This could increase the tax income to the city. While small businesses in the area also see an increase to their bottom line. It’s a win win situation.

How To Find Business Grants For Single Mothers

Start from where you live. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce. In fact, consider becoming a member. You should get to know the other members and business owners in your area. They can be a valuable resource for getting business grants for single mothers. Often others who’ve been in business for awhile, may have associates at private organizations that may award grants.

You’ll need to do your own research. Specifically, look for non profits and special interest groups. Many may have small business grants for start ups. Depending on the type of business you’re starting, you may be able to find grants sponsored by city programs. When the economy slows, everybody loses. Especially city revenue. As the example mentioned above stated. Cities are taking a more active role in helping businesses succeed.

How Much Can You Get From A Business Grant

Well, to be honest, unless you’re a contestant on “Shark Tank” where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to get money for their inventions and business ideas. The answer is not much. If you’ve ever seen that television show, it can be brutal! But for those whose product or service has the potential to make a lot of money. They have the opportunity to get investors who are well known and highly successful. The money they receive doesn’t come without a price. They have to give up something. Usually a percentage of their company.

These are not grants. That’s why you won’t find a long list of business grants for single mothers. Instead what you will find are those interested in “investing” in your business. Not many are going to be willing to simply give away a substantial amount of money without getting something out of the deal.

Alternative Funding

It would great if there were an abundance of business grants for single mothers. But the truth is there aren’t. If you want to start a new business or expand your best option is a small business ?loan.

The Small Business Administration can offer a tremendous amount of free information to point you in the right direction. They also have small business loans for real estate and working capital. The terms are 25 years to pay back on SBA real estate loans and 7 years for loans to keep your business afloat financially. The maximum amount you can borrow if you meet the requirements is $2 million.

Micro Loans

The SBA also offers another solution for those finding it difficult to find business grants for single mothers. Micro Loans are usually available from various non profit organizations located in low income and disadvantaged neighborhoods. These organizations receive funding from the SBA. They then offer these micro loans from that funding.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of $50,000.

So if you’re looking to get your own business off the ground, you may find business grants for single mothers are difficult to come by. But, loans to get started and to provide working capital are readily available.

Family & Friends

Thousands of entrepreneurs unable or unwilling to take out loans from banks rely on the help of family and friends. If this is an option for you, just make sure you do so professionally. In other words, you should present your friends and family with the same information you would if borrowing from a bank. You should be able to clearly demonstrate how your business will make money and how their investment will be used. It’s also important that you treat each as an investor. A formal contract should also be used. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly assume a contract is not necessary. After all, these are family members and friends.

The quickest way to end a friendship or cause friction within a family is a dispute over money. So give your friends and your family the same amount of professionalism and respect you would your neighborhood banker. With a business grant for single mothers, there wouldn’t be a repayment issue. The same isn’t true when it comes to loans. Just like a bank loan, your family friends need to know when they will be repaid. Make sure you clearly state the terms in your agreement.

It’s highly recommended to have an attorney who specializes in business contracts and loans to draw up an appropriate agreement for your situation. You must keep in mind, your agreement with your brother, your mom or your best friend is a legally binding contract. If you fail to repay the loan, your dear sweet mom and your best friend can take you to court to recover some or all of the money they loan to you.  You can avoid that situation by making sure, you are prepared business wise and financially to take care of your obligations to them.

Business grants for single mothers may not be an option. But through various organizations such as the Small Business Administration. You can obtain loan financing and begin your journey to becoming a successful business owner.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business, there are business grants for single mothers available. Having a child can be quite an experience; however you can still fulfill your goals and be a great parent at the same time. Business grants for single mothers can be a great help, because there are many women with children who would love to own their very own business but do not have financial means to do so. There are government programs which provide these and other kinds of grants to help single mothers who are in need of financial assistance.

Categorized Business Grants for Single Mothers

When looking for business grants for single mothers, you will need to do a bit of research. This is because the eligibility requirements differ depending on the grant. Although most grants are open to anyone who has the desire to apply, there is a few which are provided which have applicant requirements. These grants are intended to help individuals who may otherwise have a bit of a difficult time starting their business. Some grants are provided exclusively to:

•   Minorities
•   Veterans
•   Non profit
•   Small Business
•   Those located in certain areas
•   The kinds of services offered

Don’t be discouraged by the list, chances are you will fall into one of the above categories. If not, you can check with your local government for other grants which you may qualify for as a single mother. Minority grants are among the business grants for single mothers. These grants are set aside for applicants who may be of a certain race or sex. Women are considered a minority, which is why the grant would be available to single mothers. Many people feel that women are overlooked in the business world which is why this category includes them. However, there are many men who would beg to differ, saying that many women make just as much or more in their respective fields.

Veterans and Business Grants for Single Mothers

Veterans are eligible for grants because of their service; however there are agencies which provide private grants to veterans only. This is simply their way of giving back to those who serve this country. If you are a veteran, check with your VA for information on business grants which may be available to you. The excellent advantage of business grants is that they are universal. If you are not lucky to find one of the available business grants for single mothers, it does not completely take you out of the race for your dreams. You will only have to work a bit harder to because you will be applying against thousands of applicants.

Nonprofits Business Grants for Single Mothers

Nonprofit businesses are eligible for loans which are set aside for charities and other ventures which help others. When businesses claim this distinction, it basically means there is no profit for the company for their services. They have operational costs only. This does include a paid staff, however because their funding comes from donations and grants as well as other charitable means they are regulated much differently than for profit businesses. If you are interested in starting a nonprofit organization, be sure to plan and have your proposal ready.

Small Business Grants for Single Mothers

Owning a small business opposed to a larger one, qualifies you for small business grants. These grants are given to those who express a solid business plan especially one which would be helping a special cause, and those located in certain areas. Small business grants for single mothers would allow those who have always wanted to run their own company the chance to do so, while do some sort of good.  This could mean a business which caters to youth, addicts, or seniors for instance. If you choose a location which is a high poverty area, or an urban area which needs some sort of business presence you may qualify to apply for a loan as well.

The government’s job, both local and federal is to help its residents. However, when giving business grants for single mothers, it is important for the applicant to present a proposal which reflects their business plans, goals, and other pertinent information. Every business should have some sort of plan before the laying of bricks, so having to submit an application with a proposal should not be very difficult. Simply map out what is your vision, how you plan to carry the vision out and you’re basically done. Of course, it will take a bit more, but the important part is selling your idea and making it sound as feasible as you always have.