Business Grants For Single Mothers – The Real Truth

If you’re looking for business grants for single mothers to help get your entrepreneurial venture off the ground. Prepare yourself to spend a lot of time searching. The truth is, there are very few organizations willing to give away money to start a business. The statistics for new business start ups probably plays a role in why this is so. Some studies claim a failure rate somewhere between 70 and 80 percent within the first 5 years. With numbers like that, it’s pretty easy to understand why business grants for single mothers are not readily available.

But What About The U.S. Government? Sorry but the federal government is not giving away money for business start ups. See, all federal programs for everything from food assistance, housing, Medicaid and hundreds of other programs. All are possible because of the money provided via tax payers. So, the government can’t just start handing out free cash for just anything.

The programs mentioned were created to help American citizens lead better lives. They are often life lines for many. Where as starting a business is a personal choice. It is not something that is required of you. It is a private business you choose to create. For the same reason there are no grants to help you pay off your credit cards. You chose to create a personal debt you are responsible for paying back. That’s why business grants for single mothers are not supported by the government.

That being said there is one exception. The Small Business Administration does offer a sizable grant for business start ups. But the business must be focused on science and technology. The qualifications to even be considered are very strict. Including, being able to provide a step by step solid plan showing how your idea or technology based product has the potential to make millions of dollars. Unless your business falls into the above category and can pass a rigorous approval process, the U.S. Government will not be awarding business grants for single mothers or anyone else.

So Now What? Now you have to find other sources of financial support for your new business or the expansion of a current business. There are several private organizations, especially those focused on empowering women that offer business grants and assistance. Most like the Amber Grant awarded once per month from The Amber Grant is for $500.

Business grants for single mothers won’t be easy to come by. So it’s important to look for alternative ways to finance your business. If taking out a traditional bank loan is not an option. You’ll find organizations like This organization is for and run by women. They promote entrepreneurship for women and focus on women business owners who want to make a million dollars in their business.

Their Count Me In program is co-sponsored by Open by American Express. This non profit awards business packages that include financing, business equipment discounts, mentoring and other extras needed to run a business.

Watch Out For Scams!

One word of caution. Be careful of scams. As a general rule of thumb, any website offering to get you free business grants courtesy of the U.S. government is out to scam you. In fact, anyone claiming they can get any kind of free money for your business is a fraud. Save yourself stress and frustration and avoid them. Even when dealing with private organizations unfamiliar to you. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with. Never give up personal information just because a website claims to have business grants for single mothers. Check them out thoroughly first.

Community Based Non Profits

If you’re determined to try and find a business grant, you may find money available from non profit organizations. Many of this organizations are funded by the federal government. However, even then, the money they have available for entrepreneurs are as loans and not grants. It is money you will be required to repay.

Small Business Grants for Single Mothers Offered by State Programs

Every state has some kind of small business loan program. You can go to your state’s website to learn more about what ‘s available.

Job Opportunities For Low Income Individuals Program

Also known as JOLI, this is a federal program sponsored by the U.S.Department of Health & Human Services. You may be wondering what does this have to do with business grants for single mothers. Well, the majority of single mothers in the U.S. are either low income or very low income. The JOLI program doesn’t just assist single moms with job training. This program also helps single moms explore their potential as entrepreneurs. It is a program designed to help those capable of becoming small business owners with small micro loans.

If you are currently getting assistance via the The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) program. Or if you meet low income requirements, you can receive financial and technical assistance to help you get your business off the ground. Even if you have an existing business, if your income meets the criteria you could get financial help for your current business. The program targets those with “micro businesses.” Typically a business with 5 or less employees could be defined as micro.

Funds are allocated to non profits, institutions of higher education and faith based organizations. You would apply for grants via one of the these organizations. You can contact your local JOLI office for more details and how and where to apply.

Get Started

Trying to find business grants for single mothers, micro loans and everything else can be ?overwhelming. But if starting a business is really what you want, it all comes with the territory. Before you begin looking for financing, take advantage of the free business courses offered on the Small Business Administration’s website at You can learn how to start, manage and finance your business free of charge.

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