Grants For Single Mothers – The Money Is Out There What’s Keeping You From Getting Your Share?

Grants for single mothers are in abundance from both the U.S. government and private organizations. So it’s not a question of whether or not there’s money available to help you get an education, find housing or even prepare for the job market. The total amount of money available is easily in the billions of dollars.

So how come so many single moms like yourself have yet to take advantage of all of this “free money?” That’s a good question that doesn’t have an easy answer. But there are some common reasons thousands don’t even bother to apply for financial assistance. Let’s take a look at the facts and myths.

Myth … Most Grants For Single Mothers Have To Be Repaid

Fact: That’s incorrect. Grants for single mothers in and of themselves are designed to assist single moms and anyone else who is in financial need. Think about it, why require a person who has limited financial resources to pay back a grant.

Myth … There Are No Grants Or Assistance To Pay For Child Care Costs

Fact: Not true! It may take some time and research, but there are grants to help defray child care costs. In fact many states offer programs specifically to help single moms with daycare so they can work and or attend school. It is in their best interest to help you out. If you are focused on getting an education. The chances the state will have to continue to assist you financially in the future is less likely. The Child Care And Development Block Grant was created to provide financial assistance to state programs. Get in touch with your state’s Department of Children & Family Services to find out what’s available.

Myth… Too Old To Get Money For College

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. The U.S. Federal Government does not discriminate. This means it doesn’t matter if you’re 25, 45, 75 or a 100! If you meet the financial aid requirements there are grants for single mothers no matter how old you are. As the economy continues to shift. The days of depending on just a high school diploma is rapidly disappearing. More and more employers require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Myth … The Process Is Too Complicated

Fact: Actually, the process is pretty simple and straight forward. There is some paperwork involved. But it’s not complicated. To make it easier, ask your financial aid department what documents and information you’re going to need. Then make sure you gather everything required. If you need help filling out the application, ask for help.

Myth… Grants For Single Mothers Do Not Cover All Of The Tuition & Fees

Fact: That’s true and false. If you’re attending a university where the tuition exceeds the maximum amount of the award. Then it’s true. It means you’re going to have to find additional means of funding your education. Thousands of single moms find themselves in this predicament. But they don’t throw in the towel. They look to see what else is available and apply. If getting a higher education is important to you. You’ll find a way.

On the other hand, if you’re attending a community college. Grants for single mothers like the popular Pell Grant will cover your entire tuition costs.

Myth … It’s Too Difficult And Time Consuming To Find Grants

Fact: Uh ever heard of the internet? Start searching for “grants for single mothers” on line. You’ll find thousands of grants offered by corporations, colleges, universities, vocational schools and non profits. Now, yes it’s going to take time weeding through them all. Some you will qualify for and others you will not. But ultimately it’s up to you to get the ball rolling.

Myth … Grants For Housing Assistance Take Too Long

Fact: Well depending on where you live and the programs offered, this may indeed be the case. Unfortunately, when you need emergency housing the wheels of bureaucracy can move slowly. However, in many cases you will be offered temporary housing until permanent housing can be found. Some grants for single mothers looking for housing offer emergency funds in the form of a voucher. You’ll be able to locate housing in privately owned homes and apartments approved by the program providing assistance.

There are also some universities who offer housing specifically for those students who are also single moms.

Myth … I Don’t Meet The Financial Requirement Now What?

Fact: Unfortunately, most grants for single mothers are based on financial need. There is no wiggle room when it comes to this requirement. This mean you’ll need to look for other grants that are not financially based. In terms of education, you may apply for grants based on your academic performance. If you’ve got the grades, apply for those grants and scholarships. Also, almost every degree program has a special grant available for those studying in specific fields.

If you don’t qualify on the financial level, there are grants specifically for women in business, science, teaching, technology and a long list of others. So don’t think you can’t go to college because of finances. It may take some creativity on your part. But you can do it!

Myth… Why Get A Grant For College…The Job Market Is Terrible!

Fact: While it’s true the job market and economy is not the best. One thing is certain, it’s even worse for those without a degree. Most jobs that pay a good salary require that you have a degree. Yes there are many who already have their degrees and are finding it tough to find employment in their chosen field. Some careers are simply stagnant at the moment. Use grants for single mothers to pay for your education in a hot career with growth potential. If it’s an area you’re interested in studying. Your chances of employment is much more likely.

Myth… College Grads Don’t Make More Money Than Those Who Are Not

Fact: According to a 2011 study conducted by Georgetown University. They found that college grads earn 84% more throughout their lifetime compared to those without degrees. Wow!

You’ve Got The Facts!…Time To Go Get Your Grant!

Now you can hopefully feel more confident about finding and applying for grants for single mothers. It doesn’t matter if you need help with housing for you and your child. Or to cover tuition. The money is out there, if you don’t apply. Someone else will.

Grants And Scholarships For Single Mothers – The Facts On Getting Your Share

Grants and scholarships for single mothers do exist but you’ll need to prepare yourself to put in the time and effort to find one for you. As a single mom you may face a lot of different challenges on a daily basis. But that’s what separates you from everyone else. When things get tough, it’s often the single mom who stands up and says “I got this!”.

So now that you’ve decided to go back to school, you’re going to need grant and scholarship programs to help you get tuition and other fees paid.

There are thousands of organizations offering money for college. But it’s not as easy as calling them up or just filling out an application. The cold hard fact is most of the grants and scholarships for single mothers available, you may not even qualify for. So the key to increasing your chances of getting one of these grants or scholarships is to check and double check the requirements.

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many single moms just apply for any and every scholarship or grant they can find. Hoping that if they fill out enough applications one of them maybe two will award her tuition money.

Well that’s not a good idea. It can also be a waste of time.

Instead, a better idea is to spend a few extra minutes reading the eligibility requirements. If a scholarship for example, states you must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and yours is a 2.5. Move on to the next one. Even if you meet the other criteria, your application will be set aside.

The competition for these grants and scholarships for single mothers can be very competitive. Especially if offered via a non profit organization. They tend to be real sticklers about “following the rules.” Avoid frustration right from the start and only apply for the ones you’re actually eligible for.

Some grants and scholarships for single mothers will base their decision on both financial need and your circumstances. Some will ask you to either write an essay explaining your life, financial struggles and your goals.

You want to make sure your honest about whatever you write. Most of these organizations have board members to decide which applicants are worthy of receiving their financial assistance. Believe us when we tell you, they’ve seen and heard it all. They can tell the difference between a true heartfelt essay on someone’s life. And one that is just made up to try and influence their decision. It’s always best to be honest.

Most scholarships you could apply for are usually offered if you are already enrolled. For example, if you want to become a Certified Public Accountant. There are are CPA organizations that offer scholarships to those who want to become CPA’s. They also tend to base their criteria on your academic performance. If you’ve got the grades and other factors, you may be eligible.

Another point to keep in mind. Just because you have the grades and satisfy whatever other requirements a scholarship may have. Doesn’t mean you will get the scholarship. Eligibility is just a way of creating a smaller sample of applicants. As oppose to allowing just anyone to apply. Besides most organizations don’t have time to sift through several thousand applications. So by creating specific criteria they can narrow the field of applicants down to hundreds instead.

Grants and Scholarships for Single Mothers Available from the Federal Government

These type of programs are almost always based on financial need. There were a few scholarships offered that were based primarily on achievements in math and sciences. Unfortunately, these have been discontinued. Due to government cut backs.

The Pell Grant and the Federal Education Supplemental Opportunity Grant programs have also been cutback. Congress recently made changes that will mean less money for college.

If you’re hoping to go back to school to get your degree, this should not stop you from going forward. The cutbacks doesn’t mean you can’t get a grant. The President has been urging single moms like you to seek out and take advantage of any and all grants and scholarships for single mothers.

The job market of the future is already here today. A high school diploma is no longer enough. A bachelor’s degree is the new high school diploma. So applying for the grants mentioned is absolutely necessary.

There are also grants and scholarships for single mothers offered by non profits and corporations. A good place to start, is by looking up women’s groups online. Many offer college money specifically for single moms, minority women and even women over 35.

If you’re going to get your degree in a career that is not traditionally held by women. Search online and you’ll find several organizations offering up grants and scholarships for single mothers and all women to help them out financially. They do this in order to help increase the presence of women in a particular field. For instance, mechanical and electrical engineering is an area that is male dominated. Yet there are organizations actively looking to help women financially who are interested in those areas.

Another important note is to pay attention to deadlines. Make sure you submit your application before the deadline. Also check to see if you can submit your application online. Or if you will be required to mail your application. If mailing, make sure you give yourself plenty of time ahead of the deadline. It would be a shame to mail an application that had a good chance of being approved for one of these grants and scholarships for single mothers. Only to find out you missed the deadline because your application didn’t reach the organization in time.

It would also be a good idea to find out if express mail or FedEx delivery is acceptable. At least this way you’ll be able to track your application from the time it leaves your hands until it reaches the scholarship or grant organization. The exception to doing this would be any federal grant program. Going through the changes of express mail is not necessary. You’ll apply through your school’s financial aid office anyway.

Grants and scholarships for single mothers are in even bigger demand now that just a year or so ago. With federal cutbacks, more single moms are discovering there are alternatives. But there’s only so much money to go around. If you really want to go back to school, start looking for the financial aid you need now. Wait too long and you will miss out.

Grants For Single Mothers In Florida In Need Of Housing And Financial Assistance

The most common grants for single mothers in Florida are those offered by the federal government. Every state receives money from the federal government to fund various federally sponsored programs. The only differences from one state to the next are eligibility requirements. There are federal requirements that must be met. Then there may also be additional requirements from each state. For example, some states may only offer assistance to those who are low income and employed. Others may not require an individual to be employed.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF)

The state of Florida participates in the TANF program to help low income single mothers. If you’re in need of emergency assistance, this program offers grants for single mothers in Florida temporary financial help. It also stresses the use of education programs and job training.

Eligibility Requirements

The TANF grants for single mothers in Florida requires the following criteria to be met.

• You must be a resident of Florida
• Must be pregnant or have dependent children under the age of 19
• Low income or very low income
• Under employed (Working but for very low wages)
• Unemployed, if you’ve been informed your job is being eliminated or laid off.

Permanent Housing as Grants for Single Mothers in Florida

Financial Help for Single Mothers to Help Raise their Children

There are programs which provide financial help for single mothers who are having a difficult time sending their child to college or going themselves. Being a single mother doesn’t stop after your child begins to walk, or even enters high school. As long as you are legally responsible for your child, you should seek programs which offer financial help for single mothers. The term “single mothers” may sound quite specific this is because many programs do not assist two parent families, especially when the income is over a certain amount. You are far more likely to receive these services if you are a single mother looking for assistance.

If your child has entered high school, and you are looking to fund their college education, you should first be certain they apply for all free money which is available. If there is still money needed you can apply for a Plus Loan. Sure, this loan will need to be repaid, however it does render assistance for your child to continue their education. If you are looking to go to school yourself, there is financial assistance available which does not have to be repaid. You may need a guaranteed student loan, this is financial help for single mothers who want to attend college and their financial need exceeds any Pell grants and scholarships which they qualify for.

Financial Help for Single Mothers on Home Loans and Utilities

Government Programs For Single Mothers – How To Survive The Congressional Budget Cuts

There’s been a lot of discussion in the news about government programs for single mothers and others struggling financially. The subject matter will always create a great divide between the “haves and have nots”. Some complain single mothers and others just want to take advantage of the system and enjoy lots of free money. Many making that statement are simply out of touch and have no idea how low income Americans live.

According to a recent article in the New York times, a single mom in Arizona with 4 children was getting a whopping $162 a month, before she was dropped from receiving government financial assistance. That’s hardly enjoying “lots of free money”. Many Americans spend that much in a day shopping at their local mall. The biggest percentage of those dropped from receiving financial assistance are single mothers. Arizona is one of 16 states where government programs for single mothers were hit hard. These states are using the federal money once earmarked to help those in need to instead fund other state programs. It’s all perfectly legal to do so.

Why Financial Government Programs for Single Mothers Have Been Cut

The current Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program was created during President Bill Clinton’s term in office. His goal was to reduce financial assistance to a shorter term. Previous to the program changes, one could receive “welfare” indefinitely. While it is better for you to become financially independent. It is also extremely difficult without help.

College Grants For Single Moms Surprising Ways To Get Your College Tuition Paid In Full!

As a single mother if you knew you could get your college education paid for in full would you be interested in applying for college grants for single moms? Of course you would! Now what if you could also get your tuition paid for just because you’re a woman? Interested? Think about the possibilities. Not only can you apply for college grants for single mothers but also for several others that award college grants to women specifically. To help give you a good idea here are just a few college grants for single moms and women in general.

College Grants For Single Moms…The Possibilities are Endless

Housing Grants For Single Mothers – How The Section 8 Program Works

Housing grants for single mothers while available are not easy to get. It really depends on your needs and your current situation. Actually, the federal government doesn’t offer grants specifically for single mothers. They do however offer grants for everyone who qualifies. The economy and unemployment signals a major downturn when it comes to home buying.

For many single moms, buying a home right now, just isn’t an option. Many look for other ways to get a home even if it means renting instead of buying. If you’ve been considering renting instead of buying. It doesn’t mean you’re making a bad decision. Not everyone should buy a home. Too many single moms make the choice to buy believing it’s better to do so. Unfortunately, far too many end up “house poor” barely getting by.

The reason housing grants for single mothers exist, is to help you find a safe, well maintained home you can call home. That’s the mission of the Section 8 program created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD for short. You see as much as the government would like every American citizen to own their own home. It simply isn’t possible. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the opportunity to live in a beautiful home even if you don’t actually own it. That’s where the Section 8 program comes in.

Housing Grants For Single Mothers Property Availability